Wednesday, April 25, 2012

One Tree Hill -- Final Episode of Series

“Why do people waste so much time fighting… and where does it get us?” ~Brooke Davis

“It's funny how our past frames us. How the person we used to be never lets loose of the person we are. Past failures and disappointments...even victories take hold of us. They haunt us like ghosts or visit us like old friends.” ~Julian Baker

“The name Jimmy Edwards will always mean something to this town. He's remembered as the confused boy who took a handgun to school... and then took his own life. The name Keith Scott was also enshrined that a would-be hero who tried to intervene. This is how time remembers them. It's not how I remember them. I knew them as friends, as did Antwon. And I knew them as sports fans. Both believed that at their best, sports and athletes can be transcendent. They can remind us that an underdog can still find glory...and that there might still be magic left in David's sling. So today, I'm proud to announce...the Edwards-Scott Memorial Scholarship Program. A scholarship program for college-bound students...who plan to pursue any sports-related majors. Coaches, trainers, coordinators and, yes, broadcasters. It's not my intention that one day this scholarship fund will erase the past...but it is my intention that one day it might eclipse it...and remind a new generation of sports fans that what you do matters...and how you do it matters. I'm Marvin McFadden. Whammo Kablammo.” ~Mouth

Nathan:  We should go for a walk. Want to?
Haley:  It's pouring outside.
Nathan:  Exactly. Let's go.

“I wished for this. Right here, without even knowing it. I wished for you and our family and this. Come here. Ever since New York, I wanted to come home. I just knew in my heart that there was treasure here...and I found it. In our sons. In my parents. In you. This house always wanted to be home and now it will be. Our home. Everyone should have that. A place that makes them happy.” ~Brooke Davis

“Human beings are ambitious. We spend so much time wanting, pursuing, wishing. For the most part, that's okay. Ambition is good. Chasing things with integrity is good. Dreaming. As long as the chase doesn't diminish what we already have. The goodness we take for granted, the people we take for granted. The lives we take for granted.” ~Haley James Scott

“My life is good.” ~Haley James Scott

“It's a magical place, son. I've seen that magic in your eyes for the last nine years. There's only one Tree Hill, Jamie Scott, and it's your home.” ~Haley James Scott