Saturday, June 25, 2011

Brooke:  "So how does it feel, P. Sawyer? You have a family now. You have this whole other life to look after."
Peyton:  "It feels just like I dreamed it would."
Brooke:  "Can I hold her?"
Peyton:  "Yeah! Got her?"
Brooke:  "Oh, yeah. Hi, Sawyer. I'm your aunt Brooke, and I am gonna spoil you. Yes, I am, Sawyer Scott.
Peyton:  "Sawyer Brooke Scott."
Brooke:  "Really?"
Peyton:  "Yeah."
Brooke:  "See... I always knew  you were a Brooke. And it is a really good name, baby Brooke."
Peyton:  "Just like I dreamed. And what about your dreams, Brooke Davis?"  ~S6/E24